Amanda Gresik is a recent graduate of Material Art & Design: Fibre at OCAD University, and was the recipient of the OCAD University Medal & the Michele Kobler Memorial Award for her final thesis project.

She uses various techniques like white-work embroidery, weaving and drawn thread embroidery; she looks to create contemporary woven art works using traditional methods. These methods enable her to investigate the intimate, personal relationship people once had with writing by hand in all capacities – letters, notes, poems, lists,and journal entries. Her work is a personal narrative, using her own archive of letters and journal entries, along with handwritten items passed down through her family.

The artist focuses on many different topics, from love and loss of a relative, the ever-changing nature of relationships, illness and other events that tend to be recorded in ones life. The materials she enjoys to work with most are linen, cotton, tencel and paper,along with many other cellulose fibres and natural dyes. Using these materials,she looks to expose innermost thoughts, feelings and experiences while censoring text and the subject manner. 

For more information on Amanda's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.